REPS provide a bi-monthly newsletter “Eucryphia” to members and supporters on request. Copies are also available from select Robertson retail businesses such as the Friendly Store, CTC. Should you wish to receive our newsletter, and are not a financial member, please complete the Membership/Supporter REPS registration form here and email

We hold presentations and talks about 6 times a year on topic of interest, such as dingos, the Fitzroy Fall spiny lobster. These are held at no charge and usually attended by 30-40 people. Come along and meet like-minded local people.

REPS have some members who are extremely knowledgeable about the local rainforest in terms of plants and animals. Should you be considering making your garden more natural, a more native Robertson Garden then these REPS members would be pleased to assist. One of the REPS aims is to maintain and increase the Robertson rainforest environment so adopting more local native plants is supported strongly by REPS.

REPS also looks to monitor and developments locally that may impact rainforest remnants. If significant, we seek to provide input to the DA approval process as appropriate.

REPS also is happy to speak at meetings about the local rainforest. Likewise, REPS is pleased to work with organisations to facilitate visiting examples of the rainforest in Robertson at the Natural Park in Robertson or possibly on request, the property of some members which contain significant amounts of Robertson rainforest vegetation.

Any general queries can also be made via our email