Bird Photos Canberra Ornithologists Group – 90% “fit” with bird population of the Southern Highlands region.
Birds in Backyards. Includes bird calls.
Nature of Robertson
Denis Wilson, author. Deceased.
Frogs of Southern Highlands and Illawarra
Fungi. Photos, books, articles.
The videos are excellent. Alison Pouliot
Museum Victoria featuring collections of zoology, geology, palaeontology, history, First Peoples and technology
Robertson Village
Brisbane Insects and Spiders
Mammals (live)  
Butterflies from around Sydney
Don Herbison-Evans, Stewart Newman, Stella Crossley
Australian orchids Australasian Native Orchid Society
Orchids of Southern Australia
Victorian orchids, mainly.
Mischa and Colin Rowan.
Australian National Botanic Gardens (Canberra) – Australian Plant Image Index.
Australian National Botanic Gardens Search for digital images using Genus (and species).Australian National Botanic Gardens Search for digital images using Genus (and species).
Family name species listing of all photos in the APII, sorted by scientific names, sorted according to plant family groupings.
(Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney) Web-based plant identification system.