The more people involved, the better. There are many pressures today on our time, but if we wish to retain significant amounts of the natural unique environment here in Robertson, we need your support.


Getting involved as a member can be simply joining, maybe attending a few meetings, becoming a committee member, and assisting the group to manage aspects of the group.

Download the membership/supporter registration from here:
REPS membership form

Membership is required for voting rights at the Annual General & Special Meetings as held.

Annual Membership Fees
Family $20
Individual $15
Concession $10
Supporter Nil


Supporters are vital to REPS. They are typically those who can’t commit to regular involvement but support the work of REPS. REPS membership or supporter registration

Supporters are added to our general mailing list receiving regular copies of our newsletter Eucryphia, plus occasional emails about other issues. There is no fee to be added to our supporter listing.

To become a Supporter, simply request we add you to our email listings. You are welcome at meetings and REPS events but without Membership, you have no voting rights at the Annual General and Special Meetings.

Facebook – Friends of REPS

The REPS Facebook site is a useful way for REPS to share opinions, discuss and outline activities which focus on the Robertson Rainforest and environment.

You can become a Facebook Friend via that site and we encourage all to contribute opinions, discuss and share images and stories. Posts should be relevant to REPS … that is, issues which focus on the Robertson Rainforest environment. Posts and comments regarding broader environmental issues are discouraged (there are many other sites better suited to addressing such broader issues). Posts or comments promoting commercial activities may also be removed.

REPS is focused on the Robertson Rainforest and local environment.

REPS reserve the right to refuse or to remove any material as they see fit, without justification or notice.

REPS Robertson School anniversary event


Volunteers can be supporters or members and are needed to help maintain various parks and local areas such as the Robertson Nature Reserve or Caalong Creek. Want to do a little weeding in a friendly and social environment, only a few hours a week?

Get in touch to volunteer with us!

Please note that personal information supplied by any Member, Supporter, Facebook Friend or Volunteer will not be shared with any organisation or person other than those financial members of REPS who use this data in theri capacity within REPS.

On your request, such data will be removed from any such lists.