Smilax australis

Very common

This tough, vigorous climber has alternate, leathery leaves and all but the youngest stems are covered with numerous small prickles. The leaves are almost oblong, to 15 cm long, with a small, hard point, which curves downward. A midvein and two other veins that reach the end of the leaf are distinctive; small veins between these main veins are clearly visible.

Halfway along the leaf stalk, there is a pair of tendrils. The greenish-white flowers hang in clusters in the forks of the leaves; the male and female flowers are on separate plants. The ripe fruit is a round, black berry, 1‒1.5 cm across, containing 1‒3 hard, shiny seeds.

Gippsland Lakes, VIC to QLD, NT, WA; also on Lord Howe Island