Eustrephus latifolius
Very common

This slender vine has alternate stalkless leaves with 2cm fine, closely spaced, longitudinal veins. The leaves are 4‒8 cm by 2‒3 cm. At first sight, the leaves may appear to be compound leaves.

The flowers hang in small clusters in the forks of the leaves and appear from spring to early summer. The petals are pinkishmauve, the inner three fringed with white hairs. The attractive, round, orange berries hang among the foliage of the supporting tree or shrub, each containing several shiny black seeds. The wide leaf and absence of a raised midvein on the upper surface distinguish this vine from Scrambling Lily Geitonoplesium cymosum. The leaves are the same bright green on both surfaces, while Scrambling Lily leaves are paler on the underside. Fruit colour is also different.

South Gippsland, VIC to northeast Qld