Passiflora herbertiana subsp. herbertiana

This twiner has slender stems up to 5 m long. It attaches itself to other plants by tendrils produced in the axils of the leaves. The threelobed, dull green toothless leaves are alternate, 6‒12 cm by 4‒8 cm, and have a distinct vein from the base of the leaf to the tip of each lobe. Many parts are covered with fine hairs and the leaf stalk, about 4 cm long, has a pair of glands near the base of the leaf blade.

The flowers are solitary, 4‒6 cm diameter, with five sepals longer than the five petals, which are greenish, turning orange-yellow. The egg-shaped green fruit, 4‒5 cm long, is not edible.

This species does not have toothed leaves as do Black Passionfruit P. edulis and Banana Passionfruit P. tarminiana.

Narooma area, NSW to northern QLD