Quintinia sieberi

Possumwood grows to 20 m tall and may be recognised by its rough, knobbly brown bark, often speckled with a green lichen. This tree germinates on the trunk of a tree fern, the roots gradually reaching the ground. The old tree fern trunk is often found attached to large Possumwood trees, as in the Robertson Nature Reserve.

The alternate leaves, 7‒12 cm long, are almost oval, with a fine point at the tip and very fine lines along the smooth leaf edge. The leaf stalk, up to 2 cm long, is often pinkish-red. The white, 5-petalled flowers are small; in October the largish sprays of flowers stand out from a distance. The fruit is a small, round capsule with tiny seeds.

Mount Budawang, NSW to Springbrook, QLD