Synoum glandulosum subsp. glandulosum

This shrub or small tree has alternate pinnate leaves to 40 cm long with 3 to 4 pairs of smooth-edged leaflets and a terminal leaflet. The stalk is swollen where it meets the stem. The midvein is raised on the upper surface and there are several small pits (domatia) on the underside where the lateral veins meet the midvein.

The small white and pink flowers occur in clusters in the forks of the leaves and are sweet-scented. Clusters of reddish fruit, ripening from September to January, are usually 3-lobed and 2-3 cm across.

When ripe, the capsule splits open revealing two shiny brown seeds in each lobe, one on each side of a fleshy orange expansion of the seed stalk (aril).

TAS to QLD; also in New Guinea