Eucryphia moorei
Very common

Pinkwood or Plumwood is a small to medium-sized tree, recognised by its soft, almost fern-like foliage composed of compound leaves with 2‒5 pairs of opposite leaflets and a terminal leaflet. Leaflets are 1‒7 cm long, rounded at the tip with a short fine point; the new shoots are sticky.

White, four-petalled flowers, up to 3 cm across, are produced from March to April. The dry, egg-shaped fruit ripen from April to May and split to release small, brown winged seeds.

This species is closely related to Tasmanian Leatherwood Eucryphia lucida. Pinkwood is scattered in remnant forest patches, but not in the Nature Reserve.

Howe Range, VIC to Woronora Plateau, NSW