Polyscias murrayi

Young Pencil Cedar trees may be recognised by their straight, unbranched trunks, up to 6 m tall, and very large pinnate leaves. Older trees are branched and form a large umbrella shape. The bark of Pencil Cedar is smooth, with corky spots.

The leaves, up to 1 m long, are composed of up to 30 pairs of light green leaflets and a terminal leaflet about 20 cm long; there is a gland on the leaf stalk between each pair. Leaflets may be finely toothed along their edges.

Flowers are very small, numerous, and occur in large, branching sprays in late summer. The small, pale-blue fruit is usually bi-lobed and flattened on two sides, and contains two seeds.

Howe Range, VIC to northern QLD; also in New Guinea