Myrsine howittiana

Brush Muttonwood, previously Rapanea howittiana, is an attractive small to medium-sized tree up to 15 m tall. The alternate leaves, 5‒10 cm long, are dark, shiny green above and paler below, with a blunt or rounded tip. The midvein is raised on both surfaces. The leaf buds and very young leaves are covered with brown hairs. Adult leaf margins are smooth or have a few small teeth; juvenile leaves have more teeth.

Flowers are small, yellowish-green and occur in clusters on old, leafless stems and appear from winter to summer. The small, round purple fruits, about 5 mm in diameter, contain a single seed and ripen from summer to winter.

Plants are common in and around rainforest, and old trees often produce root suckers.

Brodribb River, VIC to Gladstone, QLD