Diospyros australis

Black Plum is a shrub or small tree identified by the alternate, rather thick leaves that are yellowish-green on the underside and dark green above.

Leaves are 4‒10 cm long, with smooth edges, a rounded tip and with a stalk 2‒5 mm long. Branchlets may form a zig-zag with leaves arranged in two rows.

The small, creamy-green flowers appear in spring to summer, male and female flowers on separate plants. Male flowers occur in small clusters in the forks of the leaves. The slightly larger female flowers occur 1-3 together. The female trees bear shiny, black fruit up to 2 cm in diameter, containing a single seed, which ripen in autumn to winter. The flesh is dark purple, edible and quite palatable when soft.

Wandera State Forest, Moruya NSW to Atherton, northern QLD