Elaeocarpus holopetalus

This small to medium-sized tree is widespread throughout the Robertson Rainforest remnants, but is rather rare. It may be recognised by its dense crown of fairly small, stiff, serrated leaves, 3-8 cm long. The paler underside of the leaf exhibits prominent veins and is covered with fine, rusty-coloured hairs. The leaves are alternate, tapering towards both ends, with a leaf stalk less than 1 cm long.

The small, white flowers, about 5 mm long, appear in summer. These hang down like those of the closely related Blueberry Ash Elaeocarpus reticulatus but the five petals are not fringed. The black, olive-shapedfruit, less than 1 cm long, ripens in autumn to winter

East Gippsland, VIC to Northern Tablelands, NSW