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Reference sites: Plants - general

  • PlantNET (Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney) Web-based plant identification system. Index/search. Searchable by common and scientific names (genus or genus plus specific name).

  • Australian National Botanic Gardens (Canberra) - (ANBG) Australian Plant Image Index. Search for digital images using Genus (and species). This searches from over 6,000 photos from the APII that have been digitized on Photo-CDs. and displays them.

    • Search by scientific names (genus only, or genus + species). Note: Wildcard entries are accepted on this site. If doubtful of precise spelling of full name, try wildcard entry, i.e., Acac% will give all Acacia species. Incorrectly spelled names will produce a nil result.

    • Family name (Scientific classification listings). This page will take you to a species listing of all photos in the APII, sorted by scientific names, sorted according to plant family groupings. If you cannot remember a plant genus, or specific name, but have an idea of the kind of plant it is, try browsing through these lists till a name looks familiar. The files are lists of names (not photo thumbnails) so they open quickly. Find a name, then check out the photo.

  • Australian National Botanic Gardens (Canberra) - Australian Plant Image Index.

Australian Orchid sites

Reference sites: Birds

  • Birds in Backyards - bird finder
    Australian Museum and Birds Australia site. Photos, text and some bird calls available. Sorted by common name, by species (first name) - thus Adelie Penguin is sorted under A, not P. Confusing with some names shown under A for Australian, e.g., Australian Wood Duck, under A, even though this name is not commonly used in Australia (it is internationally recognised as such). Once you get the hang of it, it is a good site. Bird calls are very quick to download, in MP3 format.

  • Bird Photos - Canberra Ornithologists Group (C.O.G.)
    Excellent range of bird photographs, with a 90% "fit" with bird population of the Southern Highlands region. Species sorted into bird families, (e,g, "Pardalotes, Scrub-wrens, Thornbills and allied birds" or "Parrots", "Cockatoos" have their own page, or "Honeyeaters"). Click on the appropriate group, then all species in the group will open up, with multiple photos to choose between. You can click on a particular species photo, before all photos download, to shortcut the slow download process.

Reference Sites: Fungi

Reference Sites: Frogs

  • Frogs of Southern Highlands
    Part of the excellent Frogs of Australia Website - selected by region: Southern Highlands and Illawarra. Many species "field guides" include calls, which can be played directly from the website (no "download" process required).

  • Frogs of Oz - regional guides - you can search for lists of Frogs for any region of Australia.

Reference sites: Moths and Butterflies - (larvae and adult photos), plus "Insects and Spiders"

  • Butterflies of the Greater Sydney RegionSite operated by Don Herbison-Evans. This list is based upon records of numerous Lepidopterists, and also the enormous collection of the Macleay Museum at the University of Sydney. It has thumbnail images of butterflies of approx 150 species. Easy to browse, and then open up detailed pages for species of interest, with numerous photos of caterpillars, and adults, and detailed species notes, food plants, etc. Highly recommended for identifying butterflies found in the Robertson region.

  • Caterpillars of Australian Moths - Same people as with the Butterfly site, organised the same way. Same strengths and weaknesses.

  • FAQs about Caterpillars Many questions answered about butterflies, and moths and their larvae.

  • Brisbane Insects and Spiders A private site, with excellent photographs. Brisbane based, but some species have wide distribution. Quite accessible.

Museum Reference sites


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